Dr. Ulrike Eberle

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Dr. Ulrike Eberle has been working at the Center for Sustainable Leadership (ZNU) at the Witten/Herdecke University since 2015. She is head of research at ZNU. As part of this work, she lead the ZNU subproject of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research-funded research project "The Handprint: A Complementary Measurement of Positive Sustainability Impact of Products" www.handabdruck.org.

Dr. Ulrike Eberle studied Biology and Chemistry in Freiburg. She obtained her doctorate at the University of Giessen in the field of household and nutrition sciences on the question "The Sustainability Label - an Instrument for the Implementation of Sustainable Development?” She is an expert on sustainable consumption and in particular sustainable products.

Since 1994 she has been working scientifically on the question of how sustainable development can become reality. From 1994 to 2008 she was a research assistant and deputy head at the Öko-Institut. There, she was responsible for sustainable consumption and sustainable nutrition. Among many other projects, she headed the Federal Ministry of Education and Research-funded research project "Nutrition Transition. Strategies for Social-Ecological Rransformations in the Social Field of Environment, Nutrition and Health" (www.ernaehrungswende.de), in which goals and fields of action for sustainable nutrition were defined for the first time. The development of the Sustainability Check and standards of the ZNU were inspired by the results of the research project "Nutrition Transition".

In 2008, Dr. Ulrike Eberle became self-employed with Corsus - corporate sustainability. Here she continued her research on the topics of sustainable consumption and sustainable nutrition, but in particular she reinforced her consulting activities for politicians and companies. Together with corsus, she was responsible for balancing the environmental impacts of food waste as part of the environmental research project. Within the framework of the research project "Biodiversity Impact Assessment of Product Systems" funded by the Federal Ministry Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), she was responsible for the critical monitoring of method development and in particular for method testing using the case studies "Beef" and "Cotton". Her consulting activities at company level focus on the development and implementation of sustainability strategies (mission statements, objectives, measures, sustainability reports). She also conducts critical reviews of product carbon footprints and corporate carbon footprints according to ISO and Greenhouse Gas Protocol and sustainability reports according to GRI.


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