Dr. Axel Kölle

+49 2302 926-573    Axel.Koelle@uni-wh.de

Dr. Axel Kölle studied Economic Geography (with a focus on Environmental Economics and Environmental Law) at the Universities of Münster and Heidelberg and received his doctorate in Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke  (subject: Risk Management as a Strategic Instrument for Sustainable Management - Using the Example of Food Industry). After starting his career as a consultant and trainer at Akademie Fresenius, he has been working for more than twelve years in professional education and consulting on the subject of sustainable management and for nine years also in research and teaching at the University of Witten/Herdecke. At the beginning of 2009, Dr. Axel Kölle and Dr. Christian Geßner founded the Center for Sustainable Leadership (ZNU) at the Faculty of Economics. The Center is aiming at making the results of application-oriented sustainability research more tangible for medium-sized companies. In addition, the two founded Fjol GmbH in cooperation with UW/H in summer of 2011. Fjol GmbH supports companies in implementing sustainability and communicating it credibly. Axel Kölle is married, has two sons and one daughter.

Main research areas

  • Sustainability and risk management
  • Sustainability in organisational development
  • Climate protection strategies as an element of sustainable strategies